Proof of Existence 2.0

Po.et is a shared, universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for the world's digital creative assets.


Po.et reclaims value for content creators, publishers and consumers

Own Your Content

Generate immutable and timestamped titles for your creative works and register your assets to the Po.et network. Because it is decentralized and secured by the blockchain, the metadata attribution remains safe, verifiable and immutable.

Create and Issue Licenses

Po.et uses cryptography to give both publishers and content creators the tools to automate the licensing process without relying on any third parties. Choose from a preexisting license or create your own terms and automate the payments, transfer and issuance of licenses.

An Open Network

Providing an open network in a space that had always been controlled by third parties, Po.et builds a bridge between creators and publishers. Discover new content or verify authenticity, authorized through a truly transparent system of attribution.


How Po.et will change the way you license your digital content


Generate immutable ownership certificates and improve internal discoverability of digital creative assets. Seamlessly interact with a network of freelance content creators to significantly reduce friction in the publishing process.


Make your content discoverable with transparent licensing terms to a global network of publishers. Upload the definitive version of your work and update it in real time with the metadata hash.

Content Creators

Access a database of published and unpublished content to curate and license automatically. Discover metadata and originating information about digital assets and ensure authorized use and proper attribution.


Bo Shen

Fenbushi Capital

Anthony Di Iorio

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BTC Inc.

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Razorfish, BBC, Samsung

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Vice Media

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Augur, Blockchain Education Network

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Maven, Yahoo, MySpace

Greg Clayman

Viacom, Fox, Vimeo

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BTC Inc.

Adam Levine

Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Tokenly

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Bloq, Tally Capital

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Blockdaemon, Ad Ledger

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Esteban Ordano

Proof of Existence, Streamium, Decentraland

David Lee

Block Assets

Simon Dixon


James Gong



An Open Network

Blockchain-based hashing and time stamping ensures irrefutable evidence of existence and the integrity of data.


The Bitcoin blockchain is public and fully distributed. Anyone can access it anywhere. For the first time, publishers and content creators have a trustworthy holistic view of the integrity of digital assets’ origins and respective derivative data.


Po.et’s data is secured by the most powerful computing network in the world, the Bitcoin mining network. Cryptographic signatures guarantee the integrity of data and identity of parties interacting on the Po.et network.


The Po.et network is not run by any one company, organization or administrator. Because of this, Po.et has no single point of failure.


Want to use Po.et but not share your content publicly? Want to invent your own licensing terms? Want to build a new smart contract? You can do all of that using Po.et.

Open Source

Anyone can extend or modify Po.et to meet their needs. Build the future of academic research, meme libraries or anything else.


Blockchain-based hashing and time stamping ensures irrefutable evidence of existence and the integrity of data.