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With the tremendous support of our community, successfully sold $10,000,000 in tokens during the token sale!

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Economic Overview
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Token FAQ

The token sale information provided below is being circulated by the Foundation for general information and to invite community feedback only on the project as presently conceived, and is subject to review and revision by the Board of Directors, the Board of Advisers and/or legal advisers of the Foundation. No part of these terms is intended to create legal relations between a recipient of this information or to be legally binding or enforceable by such recipient against the Foundation. An updated version of this information may be published at any time and announced by the Foundation in due course. Any participation in the token sale will be governed by the terms and conditions of the sale.

Who is developing is an open-source project being developed by the Foundation ( Technologies Limited), a Singapore-based corporation whose mission is to develop and grow the platform.

What is the total supply of tokens?

The total supply of tokens is 3,141,592,653.

When is the token sale?

The token sale will be held August 8, 2017 at 8:08 am EST.

Will there be a pre-sale?

A private pre-sale was held for early investors who funded the initial development of

Where and how will the token sale take place?

The token sale will be accessible via invite code on the Token Sale Portal. There, you will be asked to provide your invite code which will be distributed prior to the token sale through community channels and email. After you enter an invite code, you will be taken to the token portal where you will specify your return address and the number of tokens you wish to purchase. Finally, you will be asked to send funds to a personalized token sale address.

Where will invitation codes be distributed?

Invitation codes will be distributed through various community channels including our public Slack channel, email newsletter, meetups and other community forums.

When will I get my invite code?

Invite codes will be distributed continuously in the weeks leading up to the token sale, please stay involved in our community channels for more information.

Will there be a pre-registration period?

There will be a period before the token sale starts during which you will be able to guarantee your participation in the token sale by pre-registering. Once you have an invite code, you will be able to enter the token portal and select the amount of tokens you wish to reserve. Invitation codes will be sent via email 24-48 hours before the sale token portal is live.

What will the token launch proceeds be used for?

100% of the proceeds raised during the token sale will be used to fund the development of the platform. The majority of the funding will be used to pay developer salaries and bounties for open-source contributions to

What will be the initial distribution of POE tokens?

  • Community/Token Sale - 50%
  • Foundation - 22%
  • Integration Partners - 10%
  • Angel Investors - 10%
  • Founding Team - 8%
  • Can I mine tokens?

    No, the total supply of tokens is fixed and there is no continuous issuance model.

    Will there be a lockup period of tokens sold during the launch?

    The tokens will be distributed within thirty days after the end of the token sale, but there is no lockup period.

    When will be live?

    The alpha release is operational and has been hashing documents onto a Bitcoin testnet since January 2017. We recently invited publishers in the blockchain space to become alpha partners.

    Which currencies will be accepted in the token sale?

    Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and select altcoins via ShapeShift will be accepted during the token sale.

    How many tokens can I buy during the token sale?

    The maximum contribution to will be limited to ensure that there is a wide distribution of tokens and that one party cannot purchase a significant portion at once.

    What happens if I send more than the maximum amount?

    Any transaction that does not send the exact amount requested will be refunded.

    How will I be refunded if I send more than the maximum amount through ShapeShift?

    If you sent over the maximum amount and paid using ShapeShift, you will be refunded in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

    How are tokens priced? tokens will be priced in ETH at a fixed rate at the beginning of the token sale and this price will remain constant through the sale.

    Are there any bonuses or discounts available for the token sale?

    There are no bonuses or discounts available for the token sale.

    Are investors from specific countries unable to participate in the token sale?

    At this time, investors in the United States and Singapore will not be eligible to participate in the token sale. Participation in the token sale will be subject to the terms and conditions of the sale.

    Which wallets are compatible?

    You can use any type of wallet or exchange to send BTC or ETH to the token sale address, but your token receipt address must be ERC20 compatible. ERC20 compatible wallets include Jaxx, MyEtherWallet and Mist.

    My token receiving address does not support ERC20 and I do not have the private key, what do I do?

    You must contact the team about a correction to your address before the token distribution. Please email with all information regarding your payment including transaction identifier email, and name.

    Where can I purchase ETH or BTC?

    You can purchase ETH or BTC for fiat on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitstamp and Bittrex.

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    Backers aims to bring the media and publishing industry into tomorrow's Internet of Value. We are proud to be backed by some of the most notable investors, blockchain entrepreneurs and media veterans in the industry.

    Bo Shen

    Fenbushi Capital

    Anthony Di Iorio

    Ethereum, Jaxx

    David Bailey

    BTC Inc.

    Richard Titus

    Razorfish, BBC, Samsung

    Steven Dakh

    Ethereum, SmartWallet

    Mike Germano

    Vice Media

    Jeremy Gardner

    Augur, Blockchain Education Network

    James Heckman

    Maven, Yahoo, MySpace

    Greg Clayman

    Viacom, Fox, Vimeo

    Jeff Garzik


    Tyler Evans

    BTC Inc.

    Adam Levine

    Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Tokenly

    Matthew Roszak

    Bloq, Tally Capital

    Konstantin Richter

    Blockdaemon, Ad Ledger

    Adam Helfgott


    Esteban Ordano

    Proof of Existence, Streamium, Decentraland

    David Lee

    Block Assets

    Simon Dixon


    James Gong